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      Our History

When friends Sam Harrison and Eugene Bonini headed off to World War II, they had no idea that upon their return in 1946, they would create the most respected hardware company in San Francisco. Eugene and Sam founded their company on one principle: the only way to do business is to offer unparalleled customer service and supply the best parts at a competitive price.

Harrison & Bonini grew from providing surplus military goods into purchasing new and specialty fastening hardware for a growing base of clients. These clients included: the U.S. Navy, local ship repair facilities and commercial businesses, Aerojet General, and Campbell Soup.

Eugene's son, Paul Bonini, was raised to honor his father's traditional work ethic and at the early age of thirteen, began working for his father; doing everything from sweeping floors to inventory tracking. He worked alongside his father until Eugene passed away and left Paul to carry on the tradition of excellence.

In 1986, Paul became president of Harrison & Bonini. Not forgetting his childhood teachings, he and his staff of industry veterans still believe the best way to do business is to provide old-fashioned customer support and supply quality parts at competitive prices--just like the first day it opened over 50 years ago.

Since the mid 80’s the City and it’s industries have changed greatly. Almost all of the ship repair businesses have disappeared. All of the Military Business, which the company worked with for years, was decommissioned by the end of the 80’s  

So Harrison & Bonini revised its inventories and pursued the industries current with the market place. Commercial construction, steel fabrication, infrastructure projects, tenant improvement projects, and the occasional movie and television production companys.

Our client’s jobs have allowed us to supply parts to the Golden Gate Bridge to the Nash Bridges TV series, Local transportation vehicles maintenance products and materials to fasteners to help erect some of the newer skyscrapers in town.

We are constantly looking for quality products to make our customer jobs go easier and get done faster.